Welcome to Thought Soup 

A Story for Youngsters

and the Adults Who Love Them 


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Now, a Little Taste of Thought Soup:

The stranger shuffled into town with an enormous black kettle strapped to his back. He plopped it down in the center of the town square and turned back the way he came. With a spring to his step, he disappeared into the nearby forest. Shortly he returned balancing a pile of sticks in his arms and dropped them near the kettle. Spying the town well, he strode over to it and drew two large buckets of water. He carried them to the kettle, poured them in, and set about arranging his sticks to start a fire.

Curious townspeople began to gather. “What could he be doing?” wondered the mayor.

“Looks like he intends to cook something,” said the farmer.

“We won’t be falling for that trick again,” said the town crier.

“No, he won’t get a single vegetable from us or anything else either,” said the baker.  “We’ve had our fill of stone soup!”

Soon a brisk fire crackled and the stranger whistled gaily as he added branches to the blaze.

“Say there,” called the mayor, “what is it you intend to cook, right here in the center of OUR town?”

“Thought soup!” answered the stranger.

“And what is that?” questioned the mayor.

“I hope you’ll kindly let me show you,” said the stranger. “Gather round, closer now, and I’ll explain how you can help.”

“No tricks,” demanded the cobbler. “We don’t like tricks.”

“Oh, no tricks, I assure you,” said the stranger. “I have instead a wonderful opportunity for you. Wouldn’t you like to taste your thoughts? Perhaps your thought soup will be the most delicious of all.”

 …to be continued