About us



Lyle Olsen is the author of Thought Soup

Lyle Olsen taught elementary students for twelve years before committing to writing for youngsters. He self-published two Books for Young Illustrators and sold a small story to R.C. Owen Publishers, but his success as a writer will come courtesy of the e-book revolution. He lives off-grid in the woods of Montana with his wife, Helen, and dogs, Molly and Gus.

His dogs get him into the woods twice on a good day, hiking, skiing, or biking. Summers he works in the Montana mountains for the Forest Service. In long winters Lyle spends much of his time as a word and wood crafter.


 Marnie Webster is our illustrator

Marnie Webster lives in North Kingstown Rhode Island with her husband Barney, and daughter Coral. She also has a son Fletcher and a Jack Russell dog named Russell, who tends to show up in many of her drawings. She is also very interested in working with cut paper and three dimensional artwork. Marnie enjoys a variety of sports and is an avid gardener.

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