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    Why Thought Soup?

               Monitoring our own thinking and feelings allows us to grow as human beings. We can consciously choose to move beyond the thoughts and feelings that have trapped us in unproductive, even destructive, mindsets, habits, and actions. As a teacher and parent, …

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  • Cropped Clumsy Little Boy Pic

    The Clumsy Little Boy

      Once there lived a clumsy little boy. When he was very little, learning to walk turned out to be a chore. He preferred to sit quietly on the couch and watch his little world go by. But finally, he did begin to explore around …

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    Gift of a Happy Heart

    A simple Story about a Farmer, Carpenter, Baker,  Cobbler,  Candlestick Maker, Town Crier, Blacksmith, Mayor, and especially a Little Girl….   After spending months playing with the concept of Thought Soup, then writing, revising, and revising again, I tested my story in fourth and fifth …

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  • Learning1

    Thought Soup in the Classroom

      Read and discuss the value of changing our too-spicy thoughts to scrumptious ones. Perform in class as a Readers’ Theater. Share your Readers’ Theater performance with other classes. Produce as a play and invite parents, the school, and the community to watch. This could be …

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  • Thought Soup Family

    Suggestions after Sharing Thought Soup at Home

        The following questions are intended as a guide to reinforce the learning this story offers children. You’ll know which will be most effective with your children.     1) Which of the characters had thoughts like you’ve had? When have you felt sorry …

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  • Thought Soup Orriginal Coloring Book

    History of Thought Soup

              Thought Soup began as a “Book for Young Illustrators”, a concept I pioneered with my first self-published book, Put the Picture Down, Henry. By offering a book with blank pages of heavy paper, I encouraged the reader to also be …

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