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Suggestions after Sharing Thought Soup at Home




The following questions are intended as a guide to reinforce the learning this story offers children. You’ll know which will be most effective with your children.



1) Which of the characters had thoughts like you’ve had? When have you felt sorry for yourself like the farmer? When have you been afraid like the carpenter? (Choose several appropriate characters for your child.)

2) The characters all decided to change their thoughts. Do you think real people have that choice? Have you ever changed your thoughts when you felt sorry for yourself or when you were afraid? What happened when you did? Did you feel better? OR What do you think would have happened if you had? Would you have felt better?

3) The Stranger encouraged all the characters to throw away their heavy thoughts for good. Have you ever had heavy thoughts you wish you could throw away? I know I have. Do you think real people can throw away their heavy thoughts? How would your life be better if you could throw away heavy thoughts? (And for those theatrical among you: “From now on, when you see me nodding my head again and again, you’ll know I just decided to throw away a heavy thought!”)

4) When the little girl added her thoughts, the sack lifted the Stranger into the air. Do you remember what she had been thinking? Did that make sense to you, that thoughts of love could be so powerful?

5) The Stranger said “Friend” is a name you can use for all the strangers you meet, unless they show you differently. Do you think that is a dangerous idea with all the crazy people in our world now? How can you tell when a strange kid might want to be friends with you? Do you think the author means you should be friends with strange adults? You know that some adults are friendly to kids for some very wrong reasons, right?

6) This story gives us a way to help each other remember to check our thoughts. All we have to do is ask, “How’s your Thought Soup today.” Should we do this for awhile and see if we like it?

7) What would Dream Dessert be like? Do you think the author meant the dreams we have at night or the dreams we have about what we want to do in life?

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