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Why Thought Soup?



        Pot Monitoring our own thinking and feelings allows us to grow as human beings. We can consciously choose to move beyond the thoughts and feelings that have trapped us in unproductive, even destructive, mindsets, habits, and actions. As a teacher and parent, I had no easy way to begin a discussion about this with my students and my daughter. Thought Soup solved my problem and I hope many others will choose to use it as a springboard to conversations about conscious thinking.

       Not long after I began writing for children, when I consciously asked the universe for a suggestion for my next story, the two words, thought soup, kept coming to mind. Playing with the possibilities those two words represented occupied me for months. I began to see how powerful the story could be for innocently introducing to kids the amazing concept of thinking about one’s  thinking.

Few kids realize they have the power to control their thoughts and emotions. Many adults would also benefit from conscious awareness of this ability. So I mined the story for as many examples of converting awful thoughts to tasty ones as I reasonably could. A much bigger challenge remains: Thought Soup Too will tackle the truly poisonous thoughts of hate, jealousy, anger, and revenge.


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